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Maša is an expert feng shui consultant, teacher and trainer of feng shui, column writer and business owner. A qualified practitioner since 2009, Maša has been studying Feng Shui for a decade. She holds extensive education in Chue style Feng Shui, training with one of few best masters in the world, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah and other Chue style masters. Maša is now based in Portugal where she launched a first Chue Style school of feng shui under the blessings of her master, who has personally selected, trained and tested her for this quest.

She believes everyone deserves a clean, healthy and supportive environment to fulfill their dreams. Maša is also a keen practitioner of healthy lifestyle. Living footsteps from the beach, she is close to nature and ocean which is her passion. She loves surfing, yoga, traveling, tropical fruit and sunshine.


about photo 2Grand Master Chan Kun Wah is a living master of feng shui and the world’s leading authority of Chue style feng shui. He grew up in Hong Kong and at the age of 14 met his master, Great Grand Master Chue Yen, who has seen the young boy’s potential and destiny. Great Grand Master was very respected and high skilled master who has consulted the Royal family and government. He has passed his knowledge directly to our Grand Master Chan, training him for many years, often walking in the mountains to observe, test and learn from nature. He is now the direct link to pure lineage to Chue Style feng shui, which has been practiced in Imperial Courts of China. After many years of studying with his master, the life-long student was told to go to the West where feng shui will be needed the most. He now lives in Scotland where he teaches advanced and master courses to his students. He has established Chue Foundation, an organization of study and research of classical feng shui. He has thought and inspired thousands of students from all over the world. We all learn and support each other to promote the purity and authenticy of classical feng shui, not to be forgotten in this fast world of constant change. To find our more about Grand Master Chan, please click here.


Timeless teachings in a changing world

Established in 2013 by Maša Zorn, under the auspicious of Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. We are proud to present such a high standard school of traditional feng shui in Portugal. It is also the only school in Portugal that teaches exclusively classical, Shue Style Feng Shui. We offer serious education that was developed over decades by one of the top four Feng shui masters in the world. Our courses are internationally recognized and are known to go very deep into the subject. If you want to learn and understand classical feng shui furthermore be able to use it in modern times, then do not hesitate to enroll to one of our courses!


Chue foundation is a non-profit organization established in the 90’s. It promotes research and understanding of authentic feng shui. The purpose of Chue Foundation is to further the knowledge and benefits of Chue Style Feng Shui. We are more that 250 members worldwide, all highly qualified consultants of Chue Style Feng Shui with supreme standards of ethics and quality of work. You can read more about Chue Foundation here.